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Product review: DMC embroidery scissors

Since the last review was for the floss cutter I thought I would stick with a theme – so here’s my review of DMC embroidery scissors.

Basically, they are a pair of scissors.  Pretty straight forward.  And to that end, they work great.  They cut things very well.  But really the question is are they any better than a general pair of scissors you may already have around the house?  Do you really need another pair of scissors?

The quick answer for me is yes – they are worth having even if you have other regular scissors around the house.  Now let me tell you why!

Regular scissors are great.  They are multipurpose and cut lots of different things.  However, most of them are quite a bit larger than these embroidery scissors.  And that can be an issue when you are cross stitching.  If you need to trim a short tail of floss you run the risk of cutting the fabric or other threads when you use “full size” scissors.  These embroidery scissors are nice and tiny with a really fine point on the end.  They are really sharp and stay that way for a long time – I’ve had my pair of these for about 4 years and use them A LOT.  They are nice and light and compact.

So even though they are a bit more than an average pair of scissors, they are really worth the extra few bucks.


Light, compact, sharp, fine point makes trimming stitches easy.  Can get right down next to the fabric without worries of cutting finished stitches.


A bit pricier than regular scissors, the end is very pointy if you are trying to transport them.  They have stabbed me a few times when I had them in my purse with a project.  🙂

The finger holes are kinda small – can be a challenge if you have larger fingers.


Now go stitch something AWESOME!