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Product review: Cross Stitch Stle Wood Charm (4 pack)

These are the 3 patterns included with the charms.

So I had some time to kill the other day before an appointment so I stopped by Joann’s for a bit.  Of course I made a bee line to the back corner to check out the cross stitch department.  They had a selection of products from Cross Stitch Style that I was intrigued by.  They had trinket boxes, rings, necklaces, cards, and more.  Most of them were wood, but a few other things as well.  I decided to give one of them a go and see what I could come up with.  I ended up picking up a pack of the Wood Charms.

The wood charms are round with a ring at the top to hang them from whatever you choose.  I can see them being pendants or even keychains.  Or dog tags? This comes a 4 pack of charms with 1 instruction booklet.  The booklet gives a brief tutorial on how to cross stitch and 3 sample patterns.  They also provided a chart the size of the charm for you to fill in with your own pattern.  The sample patterns were cute, but not really “me.”

After some measuring, it seems the charm is drilled at about 11 count.  It is 19 stitches across.  That’s pretty small and limits the types of things you can stitch.  But it is so cute I had to make something!  One side of the charm is a more uniform wood color.  The other side has a bit more “grain” and the holes for stitching appear a bit darker.  I think the darker side is supposed to be the back, but I can see some patterns looking more interesting on that side.  I used my regular needles and found it pretty easy to stitch through the holes.  The only challenge I faced was when I was ending the thread – it was a bit hard to run the needle under the stitches because the wood didn’t have any give.  But I was able to make it happen and I was pleased with my little project.


I picked up the 4 pack at my local Joann.  The price was $3.99, but I had one of my 40% off coupons so it was a really good deal!  Even at $3.99 I would buy it again.


  • Cute little charm
  • Nice change of pace from working on fabric
  • Quick and easy project


  • Limited space makes it a challenge to make a pattern that fits

Overall: I’m a fan of these little guys.  I will probably stitch up the rest of the pack.  I will definitely give the product line another look and get back to you with a review on either a box or some jewelry here.

Go grab the FREE Owl Cave Ultra-TTC pattern!

I whipped up a Twin Peaks themed ultra-teeny tiny collection pattern to use on this charm – it is included as a bonus on the Owl Cave TTC pattern.  And these are pretty basic patterns even for the TTC collection so I’ve decided to make them FREE!  Go download it now!  What a deal!

Now go stitch something AWESOME!  On wood!